Comics World

Comics World is our new anthology aimed at reaching out to new readers to show them the depth and variety of the comics scene and encourage them to check out more titles.

Each issue will be tied in with the release of a big superhero movie and will see us visiting cinemas to hand out copies and see how many new comic readers we an create.

Issue 1 Contents

Super Tidy: a comedy about a grouchy janitor who works at a superhero team's secret HQ.

Keepy-Uppy: a young child tells the sad story of a family tragedy.

Tick Tock: the creepy tale of a vine-covered woman versus time.

Trapped!: warriors fight goblins and giant spiders in this colourful fantasy story.

Supermom: a comedy about a pregnant superhero fights her archnemesis who also just happens to be the father of the child.