Sid Millar has accidentally killed the world's greatest hero. Now he needs to find out why.

 A guilt-ridden Sid is press ganged by Black Fury (Dark Justice’s sidekick) into uncovering the truth behind the death. He’s forced to go ever deeper into the super-criminal underworld on a collision course with the last person to see Dark Justice alive: the masked psycho Jack Slaughter.

When a drunken Sid Millar receives an anonymous text message asking “Should I kill myself?” his equally inebriated friends goad him into replying: “Yes”. The next day the world is shocked to discover the superhero Dark Justice has committed suicide. Next to his body is a gun and a phone - the phone that texted Sid.

No More Heroes is a four issue comic book mini-series written by Gordon Mclean and illustrated by Caio Oliveira.

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