Superhero Voltra is out to stop her archnemesis Croupe from taking over the world. There's just one problem: she's pregnant... and he's the father.

 From the award-winning team behind No More Heroes (LINK) comes this brand new comic book mini-series which features lots of laughs, plenty of action and even some tears. There's also a monkey with grenades. What more do you need?


Jade Faraday (AKA the superhero Voltra) has so many problems that she needs to make a list:

  • Her archenemy Vincent Croupe is making a final bid for world domination

  • She's pregnant

  • He's the father

  • Her mother Mary is probably going to kill her

  • Her annoying little sister/sidekick Pearl (AKA Digi-Girl) is definitely going to find it hysterical when she finds out

  • The baby's growing at a worringly accelerated rate

  • In a world where superpowers can be passed on through genes the question of 'Who will the baby take after - the mother or the father?' becomes a hell of a lot more important

So what happens when the world's strongest mother takes on the world's worst absentee father? Buy the comic and find out!

For a free ten page preview click HERE.

Ordering Details

A very small number of "convention copies" of Issues 1 and 2 are now available to order. The cost for one issue is £3 plus £2 P&P = £5 all in. If ordering both issues the price is £8 all in (or if wanting to buy two copies of one issue). Comics are mailed in box mailers for extra protection.

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